Case Studies

Customer Profile

Benefits Management Consulting (BMC) is a consortium of benefit futurists delivering innovative techniques in the healthcare industry.






Launch and provide on-going getMOR plan information to agents, employers and employees.

“Specializing in healthcare cost containment strategies, Benefits Management Consulting, LLC (BMC) is a consortium of benefit futurists from all over the country with decades of experience delivering innovative techniques in the health care industry. Specifically, BMC provides options such as The getMOR plan and other mechanisms which benefit both employers and employees alike.”



Benefits Management Consulting (BMC) was faced with the task of introducing The getMOR plan – a novel healthcare concept – to a wide demographic and providing on-going program support for employees enrolled in the plan, their employers, and BMC agents (independent brokers who represent the plan).


Realizing there was an opportunity to turn a long laundry list of plan features and benefits into a cutting edge, easily understood presentation, Marketing Alternatives developed a self-running multi- media CD to deliver the message. Designed to work both independently and within the context of a formal presentation, the CD utilized one of BMC’s own representatives as an on-screen personality which helped infuse the voice and personality of The getMOR plan in a convincing way.

In concert with the multi-media CD, Marketing Alternatives also designed and built the architecture and functionality for the BMC website which serves agents, employers and employees. The site maintains the overall brand image and serves as a functional and efficient vehicle for delivering plan-related information.

BMC now has an efficient, interesting and consistent way to present The getMOR plan to employees – as well as a 24/7 online resource that agents, employers and employees can tap into for a wealth of program-related information.