Case Studies

Customer Profile

Bridgestone Firestone is part of an international family of enterprises with more than 50 production facilities and more than 43,000 employees throughout the Americas.


North America (U.S. and Canada)


Tires for passenger cars, trucks and buses, construction and mining vehicles, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, aircrafts, motorcycles and other vehicles; automotive maintenance and repair services.


Motivate purchase resale sales associates to sell more Bridgestone Firestone tires.

"The objective behind the Bridgestone Firestone Purchase Resale Program was to provide Auto Dealerships, Muffler and Brake Shops, and Service Stations the ability to sell Bridgestone Firestone tires to end users."



Bridgestone Firestone was looking for a fun and exciting way to drive increased tire sales through its Purchase Resale retail locations whose primary business was NOT tire sales. To succeed, the program had to capture the Purchase Resale sales associate’s share-of-mind and provide sufficient incentives to drive sales.


Race To Win was created as the overall theme and name for the program which revolved around rewarding Purchase Resale sales associates with merchandise for every 10 tires sold – plus the accrual of entries into a sweepstakes for a VIP Race Trip getaway during each of the program’s four selling periods. The program was announced to Purchase Resale customers via a mailing that included an introductory letter, Promotional brochure highlighting program benefits and Claim forms for submitting prize requests.

In order to ensure frequent and repeat participation – and therefore increased tire sales – Area Managers were also factored into the equation by offering them the opportunity to win a large vacation package at the conclusion of the promotion. This motivated Managers to drive their associates to sell more Bridgestone Firestone tires – resulting, again, in increased tire sales.

All participants were provided with information on how to track their standings on the Bridgestone Firestone Purchase Resale website which also helped to increase awareness of other Purchase Resale opportunities being promoted within the website.

After a small initial rollout, the campaign was expanded to include more Purchase Resale customers. Partnering with major and appealing corporate gift card programs – including Best Buy, The Home Depot, Blockbuster, and Brinker International – resulted in a 60% increase in the customer participation levels.