Case Studies

Customer Profile

Bridgestone Firestone is part of an international family of enterprises with more than 50 production facilities and more than 43,000 employees throughout the Americas.


North America (U.S. and Canada)


Tires for passenger cars, trucks and buses, construction and mining vehicles, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, aircrafts, motorcycles and other vehicles; automotive maintenance and repair services.


Educate and provide incentives to keep Bridgestone Firestone tires top-of-mind among purchase resale sales associates.

"Based on the theory that “the more they know,the more they sell, ”Marketing Alternatives developed the Bridgestone Firestone ProCert program to provide Purchase Resale customers (auto dealerships, muffler and brake shops, and service stations -locations whose primary purpose is not to sell tires) the ability to sell Bridgestone Firestone tires to end users."

ProCert Program


Bridgestone Firestone needed a communications vehicle to convey basic tire information as well as selling strategies to Purchase Resale retail sales associates whose primary business IS NOT tires. Drawing from extensive content of an existing Pro Certification program that had been developed for corporate employees, Marketing Alternatives needed to condense the information, present it in an engaging format and, ultimately, encourage Purchase Resale sales associates to learn more about selling tires.


Marketing Alternatives developed an on-going ProCert direct mail and complementary web campaign targeted to Purchase Resale sales associates. The program began with a series of six direct mail “guides” that were distributed bimonthly and neatly summarized a particular aspect of tire nomenclature and/or tire sales. As an incentive to participate, each mailer incorporated a simple quiz and bounce back reply card that entitled the sales associate to receive a ProCert prize – either a baseball-style cap, t-shirt, or gear bag.

In addition, Marketing Alternatives added a “Tire Education” section on Bridgestone Firestone’s Purchase Resale website. This online tool presents the information contained in the printed guides in a downloadable format. Marketing Alternatives also created and designed a racing-themed “video game” application that quizzes web visitors in a fun, interactive and informative way. The online ProCert program also accommodates prize redemption and the ability to repeat lessons.

After launching the six initial guides, the enthusiastic response from Bridgestone Firestone’s Purchase Resale customer base begged the creation and distribution of six new guides annually. Also due to customer demand, each Purchase Resale account now receives three guides per location which has provided the opportunity to educate a wider audience. Since its inception, overall participation levels in the ProCert program have increased nearly 78%.