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Customer Profile

Domino® Sugar is part of the Domino Foods, Inc. family of products which sells the nation’s best sugar brands.


Grocery, food service, industrial and pharmaceutical channels in the Americas, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, India and Asia.


Branded cane sugar


Centralized consumer affairs management, reporting and fulfillment.

"You have always provided good reporting and it just keeps getting better and better. My team loves it. The best part is, they realize the relevance and value of the information that is now available and it’s being used to strengthen and improve our business.”
Nancy Barbee
Assistant Marketing Manager
Domino Foods, Inc.

DOMINO SUGAR- Consumer Affairs Management Program


Domino Foods, Inc. is made up of a family of the nation’s best sugar brands: Domino, C&C and Florida Crystals. Together, these brands offer consumers across the country the best in quality and variety for all their sweetening needs. Previously, consumer affairs and inquiries for the brands were handled in a decentralized, informal manner which provided no metrics or reporting. Domino Foods was looking partner to support the Food Service and Specialty Products divisions with:

  • Inbound consumer call handling
  • Email response management
  • Integrated coupon and recipe book fulfillment services
  • Data management and reporting


Marketing Alternatives understood from the beginning of its engagement with Domino Foods that the availability of accurate reporting and data management technology were nearly equal in importance to its ability to field consumer inquiries and fulfill coupon or recipe book requests. With that in mind, a customized application within our MARS (Marketing Alternatives Response System) was developed for tracking consumer issues by brand, product and lot code. This facilitated:

  • Improved consumer call management – Marketing Alternatives manages all inbound consumer calls to very specific KPIs.
  • Enhanced reporting – Domino Foods, Inc. personnel now have remote online access to all consumer call and email data in real time, including number of calls, types of calls, reasons for calls, count by brand and issue.
  • Instant product quality alerts – accurate capture, reporting and notification of quality issues by lot code allows appropriate action steps to be implemented immediately.
  • Consistent email management – all emails and electronic inquiries are managed within specific timeframes using corporate-approved responses.
  • Integrated fulfillment services – Marketing Alternatives’ integrated fulfillment center distributes coupons, recipe books and acknowledgement cards as appropriate. Inventory is managed within the MARS system with real-time online reporting available 24 / 7 / 365.



  • Consistent brand representation – Marketing Alternatives’ professional agents participate in ongoing training to ensure consistent, efficient handling of all consumer calls.
  • Enhanced operating efficiencies – Domino Foods, Inc. now enjoys the benefits of detailed invoicing by brand for all call center and fulfillment activities.
  • Accurate reporting – remote access via MARS provides key personnel with remote access to all consumer data as well as fulfillment inventory status reports.
  • Integrated call center, fulfillment and IT solutions – a cohesive approach to the Domino Foods, Inc. consumer affairs program united previously disjointed efforts to increase consumer satisfaction while providing accurate and detailed data to management personnel.