Case Studies

Customer Profile

Established in 1912, Allsteel Inc. designs, builds and delivers award-winning workplace furniture solutions to improve efficiency, foster teamwork, and deliver long-term value.


North America (U.S. and Canada)


Workplace furniture solutions and systems for business, government and educational institutions.


Streamline management of 1200+ literature SKUs to support the needs of more than 1,000 sales reps and office furniture companies

Allsteel, part of HON Industries, is a high end office furniture company. They pride themselves on customer service and quality. HON and Allsteel were named Fortune Magazine’s Most Admired Furniture Company in 2003.

ALLSTEEL® Literature Fulfillment


Allsteel needed a resource to manage the shipment of literature sets to Dealers and Designers — even when all of the pieces to the set were not available. Shipping partial sets was identified as a critical need because not providing the requested information resulted in missed sales opportunities.


Marketing Alternatives proposed using their proprietary MARS system to create backorders for only the items missing from each kit thus enabling the remaining materials to be shipped as needed. MARS adds the missing component(s) to orders as a backordered line item. MARS also lists the item as backordered in the user’s online order history. When backordered items do become available, MARS produces a packing slip for the item, identifying it as backordered from the original order.

Dealers and Designers no longer wait for materials to be fully in stock to speak with prospective customers. Literature kits are sent on demand and backorders are processed as soon as components arrive.