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Founded in 1982, DSS Research focuses on health care with special emphasis on a range of research, market information and consulting services for health care providers and health insurance organizations.




Market research and information development


Complete 77,000+ consumer interviews within a compressed timeframe while adhering to strict Federal guidelines.

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"DSS Research is a leading provider of research, marketing information and consulting services for health care providers and health insurance organizations. While DSS employs more than 300 research specialists, the company also utilizes trusted outsource partners to assist with outbound calling and data collection."

Outbound Education and Verification (OEV) Program


In 2010, DSS partnered with MAI to conduct an Outbound Education and Verification (OEV) program on behalf Secure Horizons/United HealthCare. The program involved interviewing more than 77,000 Medicare Advantage (MA) enrollees during a two month time period. Calls had to comply with strict parameters identified by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS): all calls were interactive (no automated calls) and each call attempt was documented.


Utilizing enrollee contact data provided by DSS, MAI conducted outbound interviews to recently enrolled Medicare Advantage members to:

  • Confirm their intent to enroll in the plan
  • Make sure they understood the plan type they chose
  • Verify that the selling broker/agent properly explained the plan correctly

Calls were made seven days a week at staggered days and times to improve the contact rates. Three call attempts per contact were made and documented with an account number as required by CMS. All interviews were scripted with no deviation from the script allowed. Calls were recorded and transmitted to DSS for storage.

MAI trained 100 customer service representatives (CSR) on the OEV program. The program was staffed with an average of 80 CSRs daily. Ultimately, a total 77,557 calls were completed with 20,959 staffing hours expended from November through December 2010.



  • MAI’s dynamic staffing capabilities provided the flexibility DSS Research needed to meet the volume and timeline requirements for the Secure Horizons/United HealthCare OEV program
  • Professional, impartial and accent neutral agents were effective in assuring MA enrollees that the interviews were for their protection
  • Comprehensive training ensured agents followed call protocol with no deviation
  • 100% call recording and seamless integration with DSS Research’s own web-based application assured smooth and efficient data transfer