Case Studies

Customer Profile

Firestone Complete Auto Care has been a leading provider of maintenance, repairs and tires since 1926. There are more than 1,600 Firestone Complete Auto Care store locations nationwide.




Automotive maintenance and repair


Create appointment setting interface and coordinate service requests via internet/email and eChat.

"Firestone Complete Auto Care customers now enjoy the convenience of scheduling their service appointments online thanks to MAI’s creative thinking and outstanding IT capabilities. Not only are we providing a higher level of customer service, we are also able to identify – and resolve – store issues that have resulted in lost opportunities in the past."
Jim Stahulak - Manager, Database/Internet Marketing, Firestone



Firestone Complete Auto Care wanted to offer customers the convenience of online appointment setting. However, the company’s 1,600+ retail locations are not equipped to receive appointments directly. Firestone needed a partner who could offer:

  • A seamless online customer interface
  • Ability to integrate with the Firestone Mobile app
  • Call center support
  • eChat services


MAI developed a custom appointment setting interface which is accessible via the Firestone Complete Auto Care website and the Firestone Mobile app. The interface allows consumers to:

  • Identify their zip code
  • Select a specific store location
  • Choose the preferred day/time for service appointment
  • Indicate the type of service required

Upon receipt of service requests, MAI coordinates the appointments with the service locations and confirms via email to both the consumer and the store. eChat is also available to support consumer inquiries on the Firestone website.



  • Enhanced customer convenience – MAI developed the infrastructure required to support online appointment setting for approximately 1,600 Firestone Complete Auto Care locations that are not electronically integrated with each other.
  • Integrated support for Firestone Mobile app – MAI seamlessly integrated the program with the recently developed SmartPhone application to further enhance customer convenience.
  • Management reporting – customized reporting capabilities allow Firestone to track and monitor appointment setting activity at the store level, including appointments set, declined and the types of services being requested.
  • Consistent service – appointments are always scheduled in a timely,professional manner and confirmed within 24 hours of receipt.