Case Studies

Customer Profile

Mohawk Industries is a leading global manufacturer of residential and commercial flooring, including carpet, rugs, ceramic tile, laminate, wood, stone and vinyl flooring.


Mohawk Industries has operations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia and the United States.


Residential and commercial flooring products.


Create a competitive advantage for Mohawk tile and stone products by providing a unique “concept selling” environment.

“The Mohawk® Tile Bottega showroom environment caters to the growing love affair between consumers and tile products. Marketing Alternatives designed and produced the ‘store-within-a-store’ environment, plus coordinated warehousing, fulfillment and installation in the retail locations. Without a single source partner to help manage this undertaking, the program would never have materialized.”
- Mark Lorberbaum Mohawk Industries

MOHAWK INDUSTRIES Tile Bottega Program


The Mohawk Tile Bottega program embodies a 1,000 square foot “store-within-a-store” that includes a variety of merchandising displays, graphics and signage. Initially launched in Florida with a select group of independent flooring retailers, the success of the Tile Bottega program hinged upon Marketing Alternatives’ ability to provide:

  • Strategic planning, concepting and graphic design
  • Merchandising design, engineering, prototyping and production
  • Order processing, warehousing and fulfillment
  • Inventory management and reporting


Marketing Alternatives worked directly with Mohawk marketing management to establish program objectives and parameters. Upon arriving at a clearly defined “picture” of what the Mohawk Tile Bottega program would represent, the team assembled myriad resources to deliver an integrated program management solution that included:

  • Concept development – starting with a basic footprint, graphic designers, writers and merchandising specialists worked to create the overall Tile Bottega environment. Beyond the physical environment, the Tile Bottega program also encompassed a variety of value-added marketing elements – including the sell-in materials used to approach flooring retailers and retailer support tools such as a Grand Opening kit, media kits, advertising support and more.
  • Merchandising design and production – every merchandising unit within the Tile Bottega environment was concepted, engineered and produced by Marketing Alternatives.
  • Product board design and production – Marketing Alternatives was responsible for designing and producing the product boards that showcased the design possibilities of tile to consumers.
  • Retailer support – Marketing Alternatives provided showroom design support and basic floor planning assistance to retailers who enrolled in the Tile Bottega program, including site surveys and recommendations on showroom placement.
  • Inventory management – all Tile Bottega program components were warehoused in the fulfillment center. Regular inventory cycle counts assured adequate inventory was on hand to fill retailer orders.
  • Order processing – Marketing Alternatives’ call center provided 800# order support to Mohawk retailers. A proprietary application facilitated order processing and offered full integration to assure minimum inventory levels.
  • Fulfillment – all Tile Bottega orders were fulfilled and tracked by Marketing Alternatives via our proprietary application.
  • Reporting – data management and customized real-time reporting allowed monitoring and tracking of all program activity 24/7/365.


  • Exclusive brand representation – the high-impact Tile Bottega program allowed Mohawk to gain a commanding and exclusive presence within the retail environment.
  • Increased retailer performance – the turnkey store-within-a-store concept engaged consumers with tile’s endless design possibilities. This concept selling approach showcased coordinated looks that gave consumers the confidence to bring the beauty and richness of tile into their own homes while increasing retailer sales receipts.
  • Integrated creative, production, call center, fulfillment and IT solutions – a cohesive approach to the Tile Bottega program provided Mohawk marketing management with single-source accountability for a program that would have previously required the services of three or even four different vendors