How MARS CRM Boosts Enterprise Performance for 3PL Providers

How MARS CRM Boosts Enterprise Performance for 3PL Providers

The life of a third-party logistics provider (3PL) is filled with challenges. First, global forces and supply and demand are in constant flux which makes for an uncertain market. Second, there is an overwhelming amount of data to manage, capture, and decipher. Amidst all this, improving enterprise performance can seem like an impossible task. Is there a single unified solution that can turnaround enterprise performance for 3PL players?

MARS (Marketing Alternatives Response Systems) is one such solution. A highly customizable, hybrid CRM application, MARS can help 3PLs unify their diverse operations under one roof by unifying operations and making data available seamlessly, thereby empowering 3PLs to dramatically improve their enterprise performance.

Here is a sneak peek into how MARS CRM can help:

Customer-centric design improves efficiency

Introducing a new system usually involves a steep learning curve for employees. The time taken to become well-acquainted with the system can slow down operations which, in turn, results in a series of other inefficiencies.

MARS is a user-friendly system with customer/user needs serving as its centerpiece. As a result, it offers a fast learning curve that does not disrupt operations. Also, the workflow is intuitive and designed to anticipate the needs of existing and future users.

Seamless legacy data migration

Web, cloud, mobile – all these digital technologies came to the forefront within recent years. Most enterprises that handled large volume transactions in the past have used legacy systems which held operational data in separate silos meaning the data of one function did not interact with another. As a result, redundancies and data discrepancies were common.

MARS gives users a seamless way of migrating legacy data to its web-based application. The application ensures all previously existing data silos are removed and migrated into a unified system that holds only a single source of truth which translates to a better use of data in everyday operations and decision-making. For example, shipping and inventory records that were previously housed in different folios can now be accessed in a single system and in real-time.

Integrations with top CMS & eCommerce solutions

One of MARS’ exclusive advantages is its ability to integrate with almost any eCommerce CMS solution existing today. The list of eCommerce CMS integrations includes Magento, Shopify, Zen Cart, WooCommerce, TrueCommerce, etc. EDI integrations are available with top players like Amazon, eBay, HSN, SPS Commerce, Indigo, and more. For simplified shopping and order fulfillment, there are extensive integrations available with shipping systems such as UPS, UPS Freight, FedEx, XPS Ship, ConnectShip, and others. In all instances, MARS can serve as the single touchpoint to manage all of the eCommerce operations.

Universal web access

With access to global markets, enterprises may need to set up separate sales and marketing teams closer to their respective markets. This can make secure information access and retrieval difficult.

MARS CRM ensures users are able to access their sales and marketing data directly through a web-based application. The web application is proprietary to ensure maximum data security and integrity. Users can connect to the CRM system from their real-time location without any cybersecurity threat.

Dedicated client portal

MARS is built on reliable and capable Microsoft technology. Its capabilities are further augmented with MS SQL server. Even better, MARS may be customized in several aspects to make it a truly bespoke CRM system that enterprises can use in their own way. There is also a dedicated client portal equipped with solid IT infrastructure and support personnel who can tend to customer queries on a real-time basis.

Real-time reporting

In the normal world, reporting is a time-consuming and error-prone task, primarily because there is a lot of manual work involved that requires compiling data from multiple sources. The wrong dataset or the application of the wrong analytical method can result in erroneous reporting which may negatively influence business decisions.

MARS eliminates the possibility of that through built-in real-time reports. These reports stream critical metrics across multiple functions like shipping reports, velocity reports, inventory reports, call center metrics, etc.

MARS for 3PL: What is the value proposition?

3PLs have a long list of challenges and many of the most important ones are data-related. 3PLs who want to accelerate growth and keep their operations agile need to make data a high priority. An able CRM system that gives complete data transparency and visibility can help with that. By enabling data accessibility and transparency, it ultimately helps 3PLs enhance their enterprise performance.

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